New Mariko Goto album announced, out October 29

Perfume in the August 2014 issue of ROCKIN’ON JAPAN

f(x) Luna - Red Light Teaser #4

I spoke with a member of G-Schmitt ;__; The bassist, well, one of them, but he was with them the longest. He’s married to Sputniko! Which surprised me as I’ve known about her for a while. I asked him if he knew what Syoko was up to nowadays but he said she retired in the 90s so nothing I didn’t already know and I don’t want to bother him by asking more. He’s the Chairman of A.T. Kearney Japan so he’s done well for himself.


The BBC has today confirmed the much-anticipated eighth series of the hit drama Doctor Who will land on BBC America Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c.
The feature length premiere episode entitled “Deep Breath” will see Peter Capaldi take on one of TV’s most iconic roles as the Twelfth Doctor, alongside Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara.
An exclusive 15 second teaser showing a first-look glimpse of the new Doctor and Clara aired this evening on BBC America confirming the date, and can be seen here. 

See the teaser here if you’re outside of the US! 

Nana in GEEK magazine July 2014

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